Caffeine and Its Impact Upon Increasing the IQ

The Road to Genius

Green tea, black tea and coffee have been long known as energy boosters. They were used in order to revitalize the body and mind when they were giving signs of tiredness. Nowadays, many people rely on these energy increasers to give them power to make it through the day. The day of a modern person starts with a large cup of coffee, while during the day, at least one cup of black or green tea are drank to maintain the level of energy as high as possible. Also, the recent history has also come up with numerous energetic drinks and sodas which are very rich in caffeine and which are highly popular among people who want to increase their brain power or muscular strength for a limited period of time.

The miraculous ingredient which makes all these drinks highly effective in fighting sleep and tiredness and boosting the energy is caffeine. People heavily rely on it for solving all their tasks in a limited period of time and with minimum physical effort. It has become as used as all the other basic foods and drinks.

The reason for which caffeine is so effective is that it affects the release of adenosine, the chemical substance meant to announce the body when it is time to sleep. Without this chemical or when its presence in the body is significantly reduced, the body does not feel the need to sleep, thus prolonging its state of alert. Also, because caffeine fully oxygenizes the brain and reduces the flow of blood which reaches the heart, the brain gets more and more active and energetic, which leads to an increased intellectual activity. This is the reason for which most people signal a higher power of leaning and greater intellectual capacity after consuming a cup of drink containing this wonder-ingredient.

Yet, in addition to firing up the neurons and increasing the intellectual abilities for a limited period of time, the drinks containing caffeine also give the individual a state of well-being. This state is caused by the dopamine, the same substance which is responsible for creating addiction. Thus, if you drink caffeine drinks on a regular basis and you feel like you lose your focus when you do not have a cup of coffee in the morning, you should know that the only one to blame for that is the dopamine.

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