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How Can Diet Increase Your IQ

You probably know that what you eat does not only influence the amount of energy you get or how much fat do you acquire on your body. What you eat has also severe consequences on your health status, on the way in which your skin looks like and last, but not least, on the way in which your brain functions. The influence of your diet upon health, skin and overall look has been extensively discussed in many types of articles and papers. Yet, few people know what […]

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Caffeine and Its Impact Upon Increasing the IQ

Green tea, black tea and coffee have been long known as energy boosters. They were used in order to revitalize the body and mind when they were giving signs of tiredness. Nowadays, many people rely on these energy increasers to give them power to make it through the day. The day of a modern person starts with a large cup of coffee, while during the day, at least one cup of black or green tea are drank to maintain the level of energy as high as possible. […]

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Eat Chocolate for a Higher IQ

There is very good news for people who love chocolate: this delicious dessert does more than lighten up your day. The so much loved chocolate is well known for its positive effects upon the human brain, thus now you have twice more reasons to eat as much chocolate as your heart (and brain) desires! Chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants, which make your brain function better. Also, in addition to boosting your intellectual capacity, antioxidants also help your body remain young and fresh for a larger […]

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