What is IQ and How You Can Improve It

The Road to Genius

During the human history, having increased intellectual capacity has been one of the features which distinguished between successful people and ordinary ones. Even nowadays, the intelligence is the one which makes the difference between people. You can probably guess, the intelligent persons have a bigger capacity for learning and observing things, which prompts them towards higher positions in the society and implicitly, better paid jobs. The amount of intelligence one possesses is measured through specific tests. Their results are oftener referred to by scientists as intelligence quotient.

The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is measured by using the formula 100 X (mental age/chronological age). Most people’s intelligence quotient is somewhere around 100, but there are also people who have lower IQ (especially those persons who have suffered some kind of traumas in their past or who suffer from a mental condition) or higher IQ (those people considered to be geniuses). In this latter category, important scientific people can be included, such as Albert Einstein, who had an IQ of 170 and Isaac Newton, whose IQ is said to be not less than 200.

It is necessary to mention that the value of your IQ is not something you are born with. Rather, your intelligence increases with time. Thus, the older you get, the more intelligent you become. Yet, in addition to age, the IQ is also directly proportional with the amount of time spent and effort made in order to train your brain. As you probably know, in order to be capable of learning more and have a higher IQ, you should train your brain continuously. Training means do a lot of reading and problem solving.

There are people claiming that you can only learn a specific amount of information and that if you try to overwork your brain, it will fail to accumulate any new information. This is a false assumption. Moreover, the more you train your brain, by reading, solving different problems and playing mind games, the more chances you have to rapidly and significantly increase your IQ.

In addition to that, there are other factors which can contribute to the continuous increase of IQ, such as food, physical movement and a healthy lifestyle.

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